ANNA Strategic Plan

Revised February 2013

ANNA’s Strategic Plan articulates what the Association wants to achieve for its members and other stakeholders. It describes the Association's mission, core beliefs, goals, and strategic initiatives.

View ANNA's Strategic Plan (PDF)

Board of Directors' Work Plan

The Board of Directors will be using a work plan to track actions and progress toward the implementation of ANNA’s new Strategic Plan. A work plan has built-in measures of success and review mechanisms to ensure that initiatives and projects remain on target. The work plan describes the action steps required to meet each strategy of the project. It also defines who is assigned to the work, when the work is due, and other information of interest.

As the Board works to implement the plan, there may be changes to strategies and/or action steps. The work plan is a dynamic document, and updates will be posted each month after Board meetings. We encourage you to monitor the Board’s progress and provide feedback. Please contact ANNA President Sharon Longton with any questions and comments.

View Board of Directors' Work Plan (PDF)