NEW Chapter Officers

2015 Volunteer Leaders Workshop (VLW)

Chapter Officer Role Orientation

Fast 15s are a quick and easy way to learn about various topics related to chapter officer roles. They are always short and informative. Your chapter also earns STAR points for each Fast 15 that you view, so be sure and complete the short post-test after viewing each session.

Recommended for NEW Chapter Officers

ANNA Governance / Leadership Structure - VIEW / Post-test

ANNA Volunteer Basics - VIEW / Post-test

Role Orientation Modules

Chapter Officer: President - VIEW / Post-test

Chapter Officer: President-Elect - VIEW / Post-test

Chapter Officer: Secretary - VIEW / Post-test

Chapter Officer: Treasurer - VIEW / Post-test

Chapter Officer: Health Policy Representative - VIEW / Post-test

Other Training Modules

STAR Points - VIEW / Post-test

Chapter Work Plan - VIEW / Post-test

Chapter Reports & Activities ~ Chapter Meetings

Chapter Meetings

Please submit a report for EVERY meeting held by your chapter; business meeting, educational meeting (with or without contact hours), ANNA Webinars, etc. Your chapter will only receive "credit" or recognition for meetings that are listed.

Submit a Chapter Business Meeting - Report due within 30 days after meeting is held

Submit a Chapter Education Meeting - Report due within 30 days after meeting is held

Chapter Reports & Activities ~ Chapter Work Plans

Samples and Forms

Chapter Work Plans (formerly called Action Plans) are due from each chapter on three dates: February 15, June 15, and November 15 (updated plan). Send your Chapter Work Plan by email to the National Office (

  • Form #1: ANNA 2013-2015 Strategic Plan - View
  • Form #2: 2013-2015 Initiatives, Projects and Strategies - View
  • Form #3: 2014-2015 Work Plan - View / Download
Work Plan Samples