Elected as North Central Vice President

Phyllis Wille, MS, RN, FNP-C, CNN

Job Position and Professional Responsibilities

Danville Area Community College, Nursing Faculty, responsible for curriculum development and clinical experience in medical-surgical nursing. Carle Hospital, cardiovascular surgery care manager, responsible for postoperative care following vascular, cardiac and thoracic surgery. Collaborate with specialists, coordinate with nephrologists, and individualize vascular access plans for dialysis and pre-dialysis patients.

Role Qualifications

The leadership experiences I have had as North Central Vice President will allow me to continue to be a strong advocate for the North Central Region. Our chapters are facing many challenges. Familiarity with ANNA processes have facilitated the rejuvenation of two chapters that were about to close. As a Board of Directors member, familiarity with the issues affecting ANNA in the changing health care environment and challenges facing ANNA membership will allow me to continue to be an effective advocate for our organization. During my role as chairperson of the Continuing Education Approval Board, I gained experience maintaining accreditation and reviewing education programs. Membership on the Awards and Scholarship Committee and receipt of an ANNA Clinical Practice Grant provided me with experience in ANNA’s research application process.

Role in ANNA projects/activities illustrating support of ANNA’s mission, goals, and objectives

Advocacy. Advance the positions important to nephrology nursing by meeting with the U.S. Senator for Illinois, inviting the Secretary of State of Illinois to college campus and discussing organ donation, and recent publication of letters to the editor about Kidney Disease Awareness & Education (KDAE) Week in local newspapers.

Membership. Visiting local dialysis units, speaking with staff and managers promoting membership, formation of chapters, and national meetings. Promote the use of dialysis units as clinical sites for nursing students through ANNA Update, All Regional Executive Committee (AREC) newsletter, and future presentation at ANNA national meeting.

Professional Development. Responsible for initial development of several national leader role orientation modules, review of chapter officer orientation modules, Vice President luncheon “job fair,” update and development of various chapter officer webinars and regional Volunteer Leaders Workshop (VLW) presentation.