Medisystems, a NxStage Company

701 Pike Street
Suite 1600
Seattle, WA 98101
Telephone: 800-369-MEDI
Fax: 303-646-5219

Medisystems, a NxStage company, develops, manufactures and markets innovative disposables for in-center dialysis therapy. Headquartered in Lawrence, Massachusetts, we are a U.S. market leader in hemodialysis blood tubing sets and A.V. fistula needles.

We will display at our booth a sampling of our many innovative products, such as Streamline® , the new standard in blood tubing sets. Streamline has been shown in studies and customer experience to increase dialysis adequacy and staff satisfaction (no more transducer protectors!) while reducing clinic costs!

In addition to Streamline, we will display a new addition to our innovative ButtonHole products: our new ButtonHole® with SteriPickT needle, designed to provide a sterile, convenient and cost-effective alternative to tweezers and other instruments in the cannulation process.

Stop by to pick up these and many other exciting new products, like Access Alert(TM), our access flow measuring device designed to help clinics meet the new CMS conditions of coverage.

As a Corporate Sponsor of the ANNA, we are also committed to the education of our highly valued dialysis customers. This is evident in our clinical educator-led training, our continuing education and our product-specific in-service videos. To learn more about the role of proper cannulation techniques, unique bloodline benefits, proper blood flows and dialysate usage - come by and chat with us!