Satellite Healthcare, Inc.

300 Santana Row
Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95128
Telephone: 650-404-3600

In 1974, Norman Coplon, M.D., founded a non-profit organization to provide dialysis outside of a hospital setting and closer to patients' homes. This vision led to the growth of a broad array of services that includes dialysis facilities, self-care dialysis training programs, clinical laboratories, research initiatives, and venture capital for early stage healthcare companies. Over the years Satellite has come to stand for independence, innovation and a tradition of high-quality care.

Satellite Healthcare, and each of its divisions and affiliates, is led by experienced and dedicated professionals that operate from the same patient-centered core values contained in the original founding vision and reinforced over the past three decades.

Among those core values is the commitment to foster research, innovation and high standards of care within the medical community. This commitment is being realized through our research, capital, laboratory services and dialysis operations.

Although each Satellite company functions autonomously, Satellite Healthcare's goal is to leverage those capabilities, create synergies and maximize their potential toward a common mission. For example, intramural research initiated by Satellite Research, allows access to a large patient database to conduct clinical trials, including electronic access to the clinical outcomes data on some 1500 patients of Satellite Dialysis.