CEAB Releases 9th Edition of Guidelines for Continuing Education Approval

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) created new accreditation criteria that take effect in 2013. ANNA’s Continuing Education Approval Board (CEAB) has reviewed the current Guidelines for Continuing Education Approval and developed some clarification of areas, adding language to forms, creating additional policies, and adding some new information to forms. At the same time, CEAB also updated its information to reflect current needs and practices. Thank you to the current committee members for their time and efforts to improve the current Guidelines for member use.

New to this edition of Guidelines are:

  • Links to policies and details related to a specific topic
  • A list of “verbs that are NOT measureable"
  • Resolution of Conflicts of Interest
  • Needs assessment and gap analysis
  • Materials used to determine best evidence-based presentation

Meeting the requirements of ANCC can be a rigorous process. As always, CEAB is here to provide assistance in developing and implementing your programs for members.

Please note: Effective December 1, 2012, if you are planning an educational program and applying for approval through CEAB, you must adhere to the new edition of the Guidelines, including all CNE application forms and documents. Click here to access the latest version of the CNE application forms and documents.