Brief Author Guidelines

The Nephrology Nursing Journal is a refereed clinical and scientific publication that provides current information on a wide variety of subjects to facilitate the practice of professional nephrology nursing. Its purpose is to disseminate information on the latest advances in research, practice, and education to nephrology nurses and to positively influence the quality of care provided.

The Nephrology Nursing Journal is designed to meet the educational and informational needs of nephrology nurses in a variety of roles and at all levels of practice. It also serves as a resource for non-nephrology nurses. Its content expands the knowledge base for nephrology nurses, stimulates professional growth, guides research-based practice, presents new technological developments, and provides a forum for review of critical issues promoting the advancement of nephrology nursing practice.

The Nephrology Nursing Journal welcomes unsolicited manuscripts and suggestions for articles. Authors may submit completed articles or a detailed outline of the proposed content. All materials must be original and submitted for the exclusive use of the Nephrology Nursing Journalwith the understanding that contents, whole or in part, have not been published elsewhere and will not be published elsewhere except in abstract form, or by expressed consent of the Nephrology Nursing Journal editor, until a decision is made by the Nephrology Nursing Journal editor. If any form of publication, other than an abstract that contains no figures and is less than 300 words in length, has occurred or is in progress, a reprint or typescript of such other publication(s) should accompany the material submitted to the Nephrology Nursing Journal. This material will be reviewed for duplication of content.

Manuscript preparation should follow the guidelines of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th edition [Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2001]). Authors should refer to that text for all details of his/her manuscript. Manuscripts must:

  1. Be double-spaced, paginated, and typed on one side of 8-1/2" x 11" paper. Usual length is 14-18 pages.
  2. Include a concise title useful for indexing and information retrieval, not to exceed 12 words nor contain any acronyms.
  3. Include author(s) name(s) on a separate page, indicating primary author, contact address, telephone and fax numbers, and an e-mail address.
  4. Include on a separate page, a 2-sentence autobiographical statement for each author describing current employment (job title, affiliation, city, and state).
  5. Include a statement signed by all authors that contents, whole or in part, have not been previously reported and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere, nor will be, until a decision is made by the Nephrology Nursing Journal editor.
  6. Include a 75-word complete but succinct abstract for all nonresearch manuscripts. Research abstracts may be up to 150 words; are written in a narrative format; and should include objective, design, sample/setting, methods, results, and conclusions.
  7. Use generic drug names.
  8. Follow the APA reference format (for additional help, contact the editorial coordinator at the ANNA National Office). References in the text should be cited by author and date (for example, Doe & Brown, 1998), with page number cited for specific quotations. The reference list at the end of the manuscript should be double-spaced and include only those references cited in the text. They must be arranged alphabetically by author and include all authors' names.
  9. Use photographs 4" x 5" or larger, of good contrast, and printed on glossy paper. Identify "top" and number according to text and legend.
  10. Use tables and figures submitted in black ink on white paper and of high quality contrast. Provide detailed legends at the top of each table or figure. If the table or figure is taken from another source, include a full reference citation at the bottom of the page. Obtaining permission to reprint another's work is the responsibility of the author.

Review process. The Nephrology Nursing Journal is refereed. Therefore, all manuscripts are sent to members of the editorial board and manuscript review panel with the editor and assistant editor having the final decision about disposition of manuscripts. Manuscripts are reviewed anonymously. Decisions are made based on the reviewers' recommendations as to relevance to Nephrology Nursing Journal readership, originality, educational value, strength of conclusions (where applicable), clarity, and conciseness of literary expression. All editorial corrections, clarifications, and additions requested in the review process are the responsibility of the author. Revisions lengthen the review process; therefore, we encourage authors to seek thorough, local colleague review prior to submission of manuscripts. Initial submissions of manuscripts are automatically entered into the annual Nephrology Nursing Journal Writing Contest.

Submission requirements. Authors of all manuscripts are asked to submit a disk along with 2 hard copies of their initial submission prior to review. E-mail attachments are also acceptable by submitting to, if followed by 2 hard copies via mail to:

Joe Tonzelli, Editorial Coordinator
Nephrology Nursing Journal
East Holly Avenue/Box 56
Pitman, NJ 08071-0056
(856) 256-2344 Phone; (856) 589-7463 Fax

Authors should retain a complete copy of the submitted manuscript, including illustrations, graphs, and/or charts. If the author does not receive an acknowledgment from the editorial coordinator, Joe Tonzelli, within 14 days of mailing, please contact him at the National Office at (856) 256-2344.

All material published in the Nephrology Nursing Journal is protected by copyright. The Nephrology Nursing Journal does not accept responsibility for statements or claims made by contributors. All authors are required to sign a copyright release form and a disclosure of conflict statement.

Reprints. Reprints may be purchased by contacting the editorial coordinator at the ANNA National Office.