Career Mobility Scholarships for Associate Members


  • ANNA Career Mobility Scholarship for Associate Members
  • NNCC Career Mobility Scholarship for Associate Members


Career Mobility Scholarships for Associate Members will be awarded annually to support qualified ANNA associate members in the pursuit of a bachelor's degree in nursing.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates must apply for the scholarships.
  2. Current associate member of ANNA, having been an associate member for a minimum of the last 2 years as of the awards/scholarship application deadline date.
  3. Actively involved in nephrology nursing related health care services.
  4. Accepted or enrolled in a baccalaureate program in nursing.
  5. For NNCC Career Mobility Scholarship(s) for Associate Members , candidates must hold current certification through the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC).
  6. Each sponsor may request candidates meet additional criteria to those listed. Any additional criteria will be listed annually in the call for applications published in the ANNA Update and on the ANNA Web site.


  1. The completed application must include:
    1. Documentation that the eligibility criteria are met.
    2. Certified transcipt(s) of the applicant’s academic records, if currently enrolled, or if not currently enrolled, an official letter of acceptance from the academic institution into a course of part-time or full-time study to begin no later than 3 months following the receipt of the award.
    3. Three letters of recommendation using the ANNA prescribed form found on the ANNA Web site. Each letter author must send the completed form directly to the ANNA National Office.
    4. An essay of 250 words or less written by the applicant describing career/educational goals and addressing:
      • Expected time frame for completion of the degree.
      • Application of this award to meet the expected expenses.
      • Impact of the completion of degree program on applicant’s nephrology nursing practice.

Expectations of the Recipient

Proof of successful academic progress (grade report or transcript) is required to be submitted to ANNA National Office at the conclusion of the semester(s) for which funds were used.