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Acute Care Hemodialysis Orientation Manual and Assessment Tools (eBook) © 2012

This electronic resource provides both an orientation overview for the acute care nurse new to nephrology or the veteran nephrology nurses who is mentoring a nurse new to the specialty.

Applying Continuous Quality Improvement in Clinical Practice (2nd Edition) © 2009

This expanded edition of ANNA's manual focusing on nephrology-specific continuous quality improvement (CQI) contains a practical overview of CQI, case studies, and tools to use in the majority of practice areas within the nephrology specialty. In addition to being designed to guide practitioners in their quest for excellence, the contents are also geared toward satisfying mandates of oversight organizations, such as The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Quality and formal programs ensuring quality outcomes are no longer optional in today's health care world; they are mandated. This publication is a valuable resource as nephrology nurses seek to implement successful quality initiatives and provide the best services possible in the most economical manner. (241 pages; ISBN #978-0-9795029-6-5)

Career Fulfillment in Nephrology Nursing: Your Guide to Professional Development © 2007

This revised and expanded edition of ANNA’s premier resource devoted exclusively to professional career development features a convenient format broken into nine chapters that cover every major area of professional development for nurses. The topics addressed in this edition include the nursing research process, health policy, professional etiquette, professional communications, clinical excellence, nursing education, and leadership skills development. (116 pages; ISBN #978-0-9795029-0-3)

Contemporary Nephrology Nursing: Principles and Practice (Second Edition) © 2006

This revised and expanded edition of ANNA’s textbook is an excellent resource for all nurses involved in the care of renal patients. The textbook includes 39 chapters written by experts addressing topics that cover the full spectrum of nephrology nursing. Click here for more information about the textbook. (987 pages; ISBN #0-9768125-4-1)

Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing (Fifth Edition) © 2008

Including 18 sections and 72 chapters written by experts in the field, this revised and expanded edition of ANNA’s Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing provides a detailed outline of the knowledge base required for nephrology nursing practice, including chronic kidney disease, acute care, nutrition, pharmacology, transplantation, hemodialysis, vascular access, peritoneal dialysis, home therapies, pediatrics, infection control, evidence-based practice, the role of the advanced practice nurse, health policy, emergency and disaster preparedness, and more! Each section offers self-assessment questions and continuing nursing education (CNE) credit opportunities. Click here for more information about the Core Curriculum. (1,100 pages; ISBN #978-0-9795029-2-7)

External AV Shunts information from Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing (Fourth Edition)

End-Stage Renal Disease Briefing Book for State and Federal Policymakers: A Guide to Kidney Disease Awareness and Education © 2008

Fact Sheets

ANNA’s Specialty Practice Networks have developed Fact Sheets on the following topics: Anemia; Bone Mineral Metabolism; Chronic Kidney Disease; Hemodialysis; Home Hemodialysis; Peritoneal Dialysis; Transplantation; Pediatric ESRD - Chronic Kidney Disease; Pediatric ESRD - Hemodialysis; Pediatric ESRD - Peritoneal Dialysis; Pediatric ESRD - Renal Transplant; Pediatric Nephrotic Syndrome; and Vascular Access.

Manager Resource Sheets

ANNA’s Administration Specialty Practice Network (SPN) has developed seven Manager Resources: Conflict Resolution; Delegation Decision Tree; Effective Performance Evaluations; Opening a New Dialysis Facility: Helpful Hints; Opening a New Dialysis Facility: Sample Checklist; Organizational Resource List; and Survey Readiness Checklist.

Nephrology Nursing Certification Review Guide © 2008 (4th edition)

The 2008 edition of ANNA’s Nephrology Nursing Certification Review Guide is an excellent resource to assist professionals in preparing for the Certified Nephrology Nurse (CNN) and Certified Dialysis Nurse (CDN) exams. The review guide includes comprehensive case studies and questions covering multiple areas within the specialty, a practice test answer sheet with suggested references and readings, and sections on critical thinking related to test taking. This resource can be used in conjunction with other primary sources such as ANNA’s Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing (2008) as a study guide for the nephrology nursing certification exams. (46 pages; ISBN 978-0-9795029-4-1)

Nephrology Nursing Journal

The Nephrology Nursing Journal is designed to meet the education and information needs of nephrology nurses in a variety of roles at all levels of practice. Its content expands the knowledge base for nephrology nurses, stimulates professional growth, guides research-based practice, presents new technological developments, and provides a forum for review of critical issues promoting the advancement of nephrology nursing practice.

Nephrology Nursing Shortage and Solutions Invitational Summit ~ Information and Resources

In March 2003, ANNA convened an invitational summit to bring members of the renal community together to discuss issues concerning the shortage of nurses in dialysis and to create a detailed national plan to address the recruitment of nurses into nephrology and the retention of experienced nephrology nurses.

Nephrology Nursing Process of Care: Apheresis and Therapeutic Plasma Exchange and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy © 2011

This publication contains two sections reprinted from the Nephrology Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice book. The contents deal with the nephrology nursing process for continuous renal replacement therapy and apheresis and therapeutic plasma exchange. The book is published by the American Nephrology Nurses' Association and is endorsed by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. (39 pages)

Nephrology Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice © 2011 (7th edition)

As the profession of nursing evolves, standards must evolve as well, continuing to reinforce and build upon the foundation of nursing practice. This new edition of the Nephrology Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice has been expanded to include a definition of nephrology nursing, trends and opportunities, and the future of nephrology nursing. It serves as a guide in identifying nephrology nurses’ responsibilities to their profession, their colleagues, and the patient. New features include examples of tools and forms to use in the application of Standards and Process into clinical practice; a glossary and expanded reference section; and an appendix with selected ANNA position statements and principles of a healthful practice and work environment. (263 pages) ~ Available in print and ibook formats. Click here to view a tutorial on using the iBook version of this publication.

Scope of Practice for Nephrology Nursing

Standards of Practice

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