Nephrology Nursing Journal

Highlights from the Current Issue - September/October 2022

  • An Innovative Approach to Integrating Nephrology Nursing into Acute and Critical Care
  • Mindful Self-Compassion Training and Nephrology Nurses’ Self-Reported Levels of Self-Compassion, Burnout, and Resilience: A Mixed Methods Study
  • Identification of Charcot Foot: A Case Report
  • Perceptions of Caregiving Experience, Level of Burden, and Sense of Well-Being Among Caregivers of Patients Receiving In-Center Hemodialysis
  • Implementation of a Nurse-Led Etelcalcetide Protocol at the Outpatient Dialysis Unit: A Quality Improvement Project
  • The Use of Lung Ultrasound for Detection of Fluid Overload in Patients on Dialysis and Its Applicability to Routine Nursing Practice: A Literature Review

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