Group Access Program

What is the group access program?

ANNA offers a bulk rate for access to sessions and preconference workshops from the ANNA National Symposia and Nephrology Nursing Practice, Management, & Leadership Conferences (audio recordings, handouts, and contact hour evaluations all available in the ANNA Online Library).

How does the program work?

Your facility/chapter provides a completed Group Access Form at least 2 weeks before access is needed.

Approximately 2 weeks after form is received and payment has been processed, you will receive a special code and instructions that chapter members/facility employees use to redeem access to the purchased content. Content includes audio recordings, handouts, and contact hour evaluations. This special code includes a maximum number of users as agreed upon (and can only be redeemed up to the number of licenses purchased).

There are three ways that a licensed program can be offered:

  1. Independent Study – Simply purchase group for employees/chapter members to participate in the program online, on their schedule (as an independent study).
  2. Host an Event – Purchase group access, but then host an event in which the session is projected onto a big screen.  Attendees then go online to complete the contact hour evaluation.
  3. Hybrid Event – Invite speakers who are qualified to present the content contained within the program and host it “live” so that a qualified speaker can handle a Q&A session. Then, attendees go online to review the ALL content and complete the contact gour evaluation.
    • Note – If this option is used, you must disclose that the contact hours awarded are for the content in the library, NOT for the content that the speaker presents. The speaker is simply a means to enhance the event.

IMPORTANT – If you choose to use the group access as an event (options 2 & 3 above), you will need to have a registration process in place and a registration cut-off date. Once a license is purchased, it cannot be added to.

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Updated 11/21